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Boy in concert & Wochenende in Potsdam

3. Mai 2016

These machines are always running
Like the rivers and the clocks…

During the last vac I decided spontaneously to wanna visit the pop duo called BOY consisting of two young and powerful women which got well known over the past years by landing several hits in the charts. I’m not the person who is influenced by advert pretty often, but this time it was different. I was actually planning a cultural weekend in Dresden with friends, as a tour announcement of them appeared in the very right corner of my laptop screen. I clicked on it, landed on their tour side, listened in a live track – it was actually „Hit my heart“ from which the quotation from above comes – and suddenly felt like going there. And as there were still tickets available I grabbed the chance and experienced my first big live concert of contemporary music (I just got to known classical concerts till now).

Apart from this event, what in all honesty disappointed me a bit, because the band was so loud that it drowned the beautiful voices, we came to know Potsdam better, which is a very idyllic, historic and welcoming city with its several culinary options, sights, parks, galleries and boutiques. There is especially a good handful of vegan/vegetarian restaurants/coffees located and I think there will come more, as Potsdam seems to be a very developing and modern place.

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