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Multi-Kulti-Sommer in Freiburg

24. Oktober 2016

Hey there,

it’s been a long time ago, that I’ve shared my thoughts and adventures on these pages, because over the last months I just enjoyed living without putting any tasks first (despite of school obviously). But now the weather get’s darker and greyer and I’ve found some rest at home since the beginning of my summer vacay’s. So I really need to work off all the great photos which came up during my summer the upcoming week.

The event which impressed me the most was then the summer university „The Future of Sustainable Food Business“ near Freiburg and the Black Forest. It was just so interesting to get to know people from so different countries and backgrounds and to communicate nearly the whole time in English. My relaxed attitude, in contrast to my school attitude, with which I entered these two weeks, helped me, to really enjoy being there and having fun with all the other great students from all over the world.

The following photos did not only occur by myself but by all the guys which tried out my camera from time to time.. Here I have to mention especially Rebecca, because she captured many impressions, while I was listening or doing group work.

Warmest thanks to all people who made these two weeks so inspirational and memorable for me! <3

Anybody who wants to know more about the program of this summer university is invited to leave a comment. 🙂

Visited places:

Demeterhof Querbeet, Rinklin NaturkostWehrle Umwelt, Monte ZiegoFreundsaftUWC Freiburg


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